Three Advantages of the HSK Internet-Based Test

Extended registration period

The preparation time for the test is shortened. Because there is no printing and mailing involved, the registration deadline is pushed forward to ten days prior to the test, offering the best convenience for test takers during the registration process.

Better audio quality by the earset

The earset is provided to test takers to perform their listening test, avoiding distraction from background noise and ensuring audio quality.

Key in answers

Due to the fact that test takers key in Chinese in their daily practice, the HSK Internet-based test conveniently assesses test takers' typing skills.

The Only HSK Pre-Test Crash Courses Model

Course Modules Assessment + Knowledge Enhancement + General Review + Mock Tests
Teaching Models Classroom (6 hours)+Online (4 hours)+Online Q&A
Course Schedule Classroom: Weekend courses, one week prior to the HSK test date
Online: Weekday courses in the evening, one week prior to the HSK test date
Online Q&A: One-hour online Q&A will be available on one workday prior to the HSK test date

Fun Lessons

HSK (Level V) Listening

HSK (Level VI) Listening
About HSK(iBT)

The HSK Internet-Based Test is authorized by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters); it is a new form of test, technologically one step up from the original Paper-and-Pencil Test. It includes listening, writing, and oral segments. The test is distributed to test takers and answers are submitted electronically.
The HSK Internet-Based Test allows test takers to have one more choice out of other test formats. It helps improve test takers' Chinese proficiency, as well as promote Chinese language in the information era and its application on Internet.
The Confucius Institute E-Learning Center was authorized by Hanban in April 2010; it is the very first Internet-Based test Center for the Chinese proficiency test. It takes on the HSK Internet-Based Test as well as the construction of the web system.

Chinese-Learning Craze


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